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Dec 2022 /Jan 2023


Dec 2022 /Jan 2023



“It’s a show I don’t have the answer to. As always, I try not to know what it’s about, to be overwhelmed by the cosmos of what I create (like a dreamer in the middle of the night). Of course, when there’s a classic text you can easily rely on it. But, here, I would like to bring the audience with me into this not-knowing. After all, we are living in times where we don’t even know if we will play, if the theatres will reopen. So, let’s imagine a ghost performance, a display of stars. I have asked lighting designer Philippe Gladieux to be the real investigator of this show – I mean, it’s light that invents things… For the rest, if you’re a spectator, you’re part of the troupe. It’s not a nightmare, but it might be. It’s not madness, but it might be. It’s not night, but it may be. To add a further difficulty, we thought the show could also be comical! Casting’s open, we’re taking all the clowns! Are there none left? There’s plenty of them! Intangible cultural heritage.”


It’s a failed show. There is nothing to “see”. There are no great performers or even modest performers who have been well directed, there is no organizing intelligence, there is only you – who are disembarking – and also an empty space and light in perpetual motion that represents life, the life that we live inside, but not only us, only you, but all the others, all the non-humans, all the non-human. “We are of the same nature as the mountains”, we know that. How to show the absolute beauty of what it is? It is therefore a ceremony, a celebration in a time of suspension of ceremonies. Come as you are or come very well dressed, in your best, fancy dress, suit, tuxedo, etc. – or undressed as well – or with the costume of your profession. A cloakroom will be at your disposal. Come with an object that is dear to you, come with a being that is dear to you, come with an animal that is dear to you, with a plant that is dear to you, if it wants to make the trip. Obtain your own consent and the one of your loved ones. Love others as yourself. It’s a Noah’s ark, it’s a refuge in life or it’s a “vacation in reality”. Nothing or so many things happen, as defined by Georges Pérec (Tentative d’épuisement d’un lieu parisien): “What happens when nothing happens, if not time, people, cars and vehicles. clouds ”. It’s a failed show and, sometimes, extraordinarily successful. It’s left in the “state of appearance” with the flaws, slag, rough, Art Brut, washed away. What do you want, art has always wanted to make life more interesting than art, that’s her sweet tooth, her hubris. Arsenic let me dream about this material. It’s rare. Come dream with us. You dream, you are at the same time, like every night, author · ess · x · s, spectator · ice · x · s and actor · ess · x · s of the dream. Come and participate to the show “ÉCRITURE DANS LA NUIT” .


Speaking of the title, a few days ago I listened to a very good show titled on Albert Camus who introduced it to me, Répliques on France Culture.  And here what I heard there (it’s Raphaël Einthoven speaking): «What he [Camus] defends when he defends nature, are two things. This is first of all that is not historical, that is to say everything that prevents man from taking for the solution, for a solution – so it’s the drive, the deleterious tendency to believe that we have the solution of history, so nature is an antidote to that. And he also defends what he calls silence – which is the silence of the sea, which is the silence of things … but which is also the fact that silence is not the absence of noise is the absence of language. That is, he defends the inhumanity of the world, the non-humanity of the world. It is a humanism, Camus, which is at human height (o level?), but he at the same time assumes the fact that the world is not there to please us. And so by nature it also means this gap that we find in the experience of the absurd of a guy who poses a question, the question of meaning and to whom it is the silence that answers


Yves-Noël Genod



«Jean-Baptiste Lamarck is one of the first to have thought about the life of species like a life passing from form to form, all species are capable of metamorphose. What is beautiful about Lamarck and differentiates him from Darwin is that there is a moral reading of the transformation of species and beings … Any animal form is the result of a will, of a moral investment, any form of life would be the physical and morphological translation of an ethos, which makes his view of nature extraordinary. Darwin and Lamarck told us that all species is a DIY, life forms in work that does not correspond to a substance. Today we tend to stiffen species, we have forgotten that all natural species are an ephemeral do-it-yourself in perpetual metamorphosis from forms that have preceded. » (Emanuele Coccia)


«What happens when nothing happens, except time, people, cars and clouds. » Georges Perec, Tentative d’épuisement d’un lieu parisien


«So many hands to transform this world and so few eyes to contemplate it. » Julien Gracq


«A staging that dies in the author’s ear, to be immediately replaced by another, it is the reader and the ultimate author. There is something to see that is not on the representational order!» (Dominique Fourcade, Magdaléniennement)


All images © Philippe Gladieux



C’est le silence qui répond


26th – 1st October 2020


Arsenic, Lausanne



Concept, mise en scène: Yves-Noël Genod


Light: Philippe Gladieux


With the partecipation of spectator·ress·x·s.